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Done-Rite Plumbing & Rooter is here to help troubleshoot low water pressure problems in residential, commercial, and municipal environments. Low water pressure could be the resultant of a multitude of plumbing issues, so we always thoroughly inspect your systems before applying any specialized treatment. Our technicians are here to listen to your complaints, and inspect the affected areas. If you notice a change in your system’s water pressure, give us a call or fill out an online service request form. Our service stands out because we care about solving your Orange County pipe problems with efficiency and precision. Call us today for honest pipe assessments in water pressure issues.

Causes of Low Water Pressure

Clogs in your home’s pipe line can cause a myriad of issues. Clogs can partially obstruct a water channel, and lower a water appliance’s water pressure. Pipe corrosion, tree root invasions, and scum buildup are all probable causes for clogs and water pressure changes. Don’t stand by as your appliances underperform: call a technician today for a thorough pipe inspection. Our technicians will run through a checklist of water pressure alteration causes, and solve the problem.

Old Fixtures If you have old fixtures on your shower and sink faucets, it may be time to replace them. Faucets can become clogged with mineral buildup, and alter the pressure of your water over time. Water pressure issues in specifically affected areas are a good indicator of faulty fixtures. Our technicians are able to troubleshoot and fix any appliances suffering from old, clogged fixtures. We are able to recommend and install new, energy-efficient water fixtures to help save you money on utilities.

Shut-off Valve Malfunctions Water pressure issues can arise from your home’s water shutoff valves. Have one of our technicians locate and inspect your water line shutoff valves if your water pressure is unsatisfactory. Sometimes, valves can only partially open. They can even have an inadequate supply of water from your city’s water source. If you notice water pressure changes throughout your entire home, call our technicians to measure the appropriate water pressure your home should be receiving.

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How We Inspect and Fix Low Water Pressure

Our technicians use the latest trenchless technology to carefully inspect your pipes. We use sewer cameras as our main form of pipe inspection. After a thorough inspection, we will decide on the best treatment for your water pressure problems, and get your residence or business back to firing on all cylinders.

We have a 5-Star Yelp rating and an A+ rating on Angie’s List. We pride our thorough inspection services alongside having 15 years of professional plumbing experience. At Done-Rite Plumbing & Rooter, we care about preventing problems before they occur. Our inspection and treatment services are sure to save you time and money because our technicians seek and communicate through honest assessments.

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If you have water pressure issues, call us for a diagnostic servicing today. We will gladly work with you, your budget, and your time. Write down our number to have access to our 24 hour emergency plumbing service, and take a look at our extensive list of services.

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