Common Heating Problems

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Done-Rite Plumbing & Rooter proudly offers water heater repair and installation services to clients. If a water heater produces hot water, it’s doing its job. If the water heater only does its job for five minutes, that’s where we come in to inspect and suggest an intervention. Water heaters have progressed in form and fashion within the last decade, and have brought new eco-friendly qualities to homes all over the nation. Call one of our technicians to talk about how you can save energy and live better with a tankless water system. If you experience any of the problems below, be sure to call one of our technicians or book an online appointment today for your Orange County property.

Slow Water Heater

If it takes a long time for you water to heat up, you may need to adjust the thermostat. It’s important to be careful with water temperature adjustments: too high of a temperature can cause serious burns to users. Call an agent today to speak with them about adjusting your water heater’s thermostat. They will be able to suggest a range of safe temperatures for your home or business.

After you adjust the thermostat, it’s important to warn others of the new-and-improved change. People become used to the temperaments of their water appliances. If you have adjusted your water to heat up faster, it’s best for users to be made aware in a written or verbal announcement.


Hot Water Runs Out Too Quickly

If your hot water never seems to last, you may have a layer of sediment shrinking the amount of space available for hot water to be stored. Water contains minerals, and minerals build up over time. A solid water heater servicing and flush can help restore your water heater to minty function.

Your lack of hot water could also result from an inadequate volume of available hot water. In short: you may use more water than your size of tank can supply. The most practical solution for a tank that is too small is to replace it with a larger one. If you are interested in replacing your water heater, ask one of our technicians about a contemporary, energy-efficient, tankless model.

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Noisy Water Tank

Noisy water heaters are signs that your heater is in immediate need of professional aid. The noise could be caused by the burning of mineral sediment in your heater, or a malfunction with the heating element itself. These are hot appliances, and can become serious fire hazards if gone unnoticed. Call Done-Rite Plumbing & Rooter today for a full water heater service and inspection, or submit an online service request form.

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At Done-Rite Plumbing & Rooter, we thoroughly inspect before providing the optimal treatment for your Orange County water heating system. We care that your residence, commercial business, or municipal space is secure from internal hazards. We specialize in top-quality service, and respect your schedules and budgets. Call our friendly technicians today for a thorough inspection, repair, or installation.

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