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Cost of Trenchless Pipe Repair

Traditional pipe repairs make use of heavy machinery and plenty of manpower to access your pipes located deep underground. Digging deep trenches are necessary to locate the problematic section of pipe and have it replaced with a newer one, but this results in a ruined landscape that costs money to restore. At Done-Rite Plumbing, our company uses the latest in trenchless technology to repair sewer lines and drain pipes back to optimal working order. The modern no-dig technique has become more affordable over the years, making it the best solution for rehabilitating pipes of any shape, size, and material. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on repairs and restoring your home or business property, you can opt to have your pipelines fixed at a fraction of the cost and time via trenchless technology.

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Why Modern Day Sewer Repairs Are The Cost Effective Choice

Trenchless pipe repairs offer the following benefits for residential and commercial property owners:

Quicker Than Traditional Pipe Repair Methods

Trenchless repairs are much faster than traditional pipe repairs. The time it would take to excavate the pipes alone takes days, or even weeks, but CIPP, or cured in place pipe lining and bursting, can be completed much faster. After that, the new pipe is ready for use at home or for business.

Minimally Invasive

Trenchless procedures are often carried out where there’s a convenient access point, such as a cleanout or drain, which won’t disrupt daily living or business operations. In multi-storied dwellings, there’s no need to evacuate the residents or find them temporary living spaces. Industrial facilities and busy commercial complexes experience minimal downtime in operations and therefore, an insignificant loss in profit or none at all.

No Damage To Landscapes and Structures

In trenchless technology, everything is done above the ground so that the repair process comes from inside the pipe instead of having to locate the pipe lines manually. The new method foregoes the need to dig up lawns, sidewalks, and flooring as all our technicians need are access points. Since the process does not require any excavation or digging, then any repairs after the plumbing concerns are addressed are kept to a minimum.

Trenchless Pipe Repair Project Estimates

The costs of trenchless pipe repair can be broken down into several categories and ranges. Unfortunately, the costs associated with our trenchless services depends on a number of variables. For example, if the property needs more plumbing problems addressed outside or inside, than the location of the repair will greatly affect the associated costs. Alternatively the number of bathrooms, fixtures, and other access points will also affect the total cost. If you have any questions and would like an estimate of our services, please contact us as soon as possible. In order to give an accurate breakdown of our services, then we may need some details regarding your property and plumbing needs.

Variables That Can Affecting the Total Cost

Before any company that uses trenchless technology can accurately compute for the total costs, they will need to collect all the pertinent data with the use of a sewer camera inspection. The costs of sewer line inspections can depend on a number of things. Most importantly, the size of your plumbing system will affect the total cost of your camera inspection. However, a camera inspection will also help accurately diagnose the concerns you may have with your plumbing system.

At Done-Rite Plumbing, our technicians use high-end CCTV equipment to obtain a clear visual of your sewer or water main system. The waterproof camera can survey nearly every corner of your plumbing. This advanced camera system captures footage and allows us to see the important data as we navigate through the lines. The images are sent real-time onto a compatible viewing monitor so that we can cite the information for later use. We also like to be completely transparent with our customer’s as well, so we would be glad to share our findings with you.

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Access To Your Existing Pipe

All trenchless procedures require an access point. In cases where pipe replacement is needed, our technicians create two small access points that serve as the entry and exit lines. Any existing entries, such as a cleanout, drain, or sewer opening may be used to complete the repair process.

Not all pipe repairs are the same, however. Some solutions may be easy to implement, while others are more complex due to the nature of the property and other. Moreover, properties often have extensive landscapes that are filled with walkways, decorative boulders, shrubs, flowers and trees.

Properties that have utility lines running underground are more challenging to repair. The more complex the repair, the higher the total cost as there are regulations to follow and preventative safety measures to undertake.

Present Condition Of Your Pipes

Your pipe’s present condition will dictate the trenchless method of repair. More often than not, homeowners and business owners won’t pay attention to their plumbing until it has caused an emergency. Among the most common pipe repairs are pipe fractures, which can lead to different issues. For example, when a pipe breaks or develops a hole, soil and roots can enter through the opening and cause blockages. If roots invade your pipes or the lines collapse, then the repair may require a different solution.

The Size and Depth Of Your Current Pipe

The pipe’s diameter can be helpful in determining the overall cost to repair a broken line. As a rule of thumb, the smaller the diameter, the less expensive the repair will be. If there’s a need to create an access point, then the depth of the line will be taken into consideration as well. Costs to repair a line that’s located 4 feet under will be different compared to a broken line that’s located 13 feet under.

Type of Pipe Material

Cast iron pipes, commonly used in sewer lines, are strong but are susceptible to rust and corrosion. When they break, a lot of energy and resources are needed to get them back to working condition. On the other hand, terracotta and clay pipes aren’t prone to rusting and can hold water well, but the material is brittle and can break, crack, or chip easily.

Older properties may have pipes that are made of orangeburg or tar paper pitch. In this case, it’s only a matter of time before they will need to be replaced once a plumbing issue develops.

Trenchless Method of Repair

Each trenchless method of repair or replacement will have its set of costs. CIPP, or cured in place pipe lining will have a high cost for the materials involved, especially if your property has a long sewer line that extends for hundreds of feet. Pipe bursting or pipe replacement may have a lower cost but technicians will have to create two access points to serve as the entry and the exit. Overall, there are a number of variables that will ultimately affect the total cost of trenchless repair methods. However, these solutions will directly source the problem so that you hopefully won’t have to address any concerns in the future.

Trenchless Pipe Repair Options For Homes and Businesses

At Done-Rite Plumbing, our technicians use the latest innovations in camera inspection technology to draw up an accurate diagnosis. Zero guesswork means you won’t have to pay extra costs and unnecessary expenses to get your pipes back online. Using a high-resolution camera allows us to acquire all vital information and get a visual on the problem, thereby providing the best trenchless solution.

Trenchless replacement uses minimal amount of digging in several procedures:

Hydro Jetting

Our technicians will be able to determine if a thorough cleaning is all it takes to resolve your plumbing issues. When the pipe conditions are right, we employ a hydro jetting machine to clean your pipes of stuck debris and blockages. The water pressure generated by the machine is powerful enough to dislodge all debris accumulation while leaving your pipes unharmed. Our technicians are skilled and fully trained to use just the right amount of pressure to get your pipes in working condition. A special nozzle sprays in all directions, flushing down the calcified deposits and materials to the nearest municipal sewer treatment plant.

Pipe Lining

If hydro jetting isn’t enough to resolve the issue, then your drains will have to be lined with new pipe material.

Our technicians first clean the pipes, then insert a liner underground until it reaches the ailing line. Using the latest equipment, we inflate the liner and force the tube to stick to the inner walls of the broken pipe. Expansion and constant pressure makes the special resin form an inner coating; after a few hours, the curing and hardening process is completed. Residential and commercial property owners will then have a new pipe material inside the old pipe.

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Pipe Bursting

In instances where the broken pipe is completely collapsed, then a pipe replacement is needed. Pipe bursting makes use of a cone-shaped head which is pulled hydraulically via a steel cable, thereby breaking apart the broken pipe while simultaneously bringing the new pipe into place. The new pipe can also have a bigger diameter which can improve overall flow and function.

These trenchless procedures introduce a newer, stronger HDPE material pipe which is seamless and jointless. Homeowners and business owners can look forward to improved flow and a more efficient system. Moreover, trenchless solutions can fix the following common problems:

  • Pinhole leaks that are common in copper pipes. This condition can lead to contamination, reduced flow, discolored water and slab leaks.

  • Rusty loose joints that lead to leakage.

  • Pipes that have been damaged by constant freezing and thawing.

  • Clogged and blocked pipes that have burst because of roots accumulated of debris.

  • Cracked pipes due to underground or soil movement.

  • Improperly installed pipes, broken sewer lines, offset, and separated pipes.

Cost Per Foot Pricing For Trenchless Repair

There are many circumstances and variables that will ultimately affect the total cost of a trenchless repair.

At Done-Rite Plumbing, our trustworthy technicians determine how many feet of piping is needed to fix the broken line. From this we come up with a flat rate for our customers. Fixed pricing helps guarantee peace of mind as we don’t charge per hour. Moreover, we don’t add hidden fees or costs to your final bill.

For pipe bursting, homeowners and business owners will require a little information in order provide an accurate price estimate. The total cost depends on several factors, including depth, length ,and pipe material. There may also be associated costs that include permits and the required number of crew members needed to process the repair.

When put on a side by side with traditional pipe repair methods, trenchless comes out on top for value for money. Traditional methods can vary per pipe and how long it is, but residential and commercial property owners must account for the excavation costs, manpower and the re-landscaping once the pipes are repaired. Replacing shrubs, trees, flowers and lawn can also dramatically add to the cost of a repair if landscaping must be renewed. You can save money on trenchless technology by foregoing the need to re-route traffic, obtain excavation permits, and restoration costs when using trenchless repair methods. You won’t have to re-pave the walkway or driveway and can get back on track sooner.

At Done-Rite Plumbing, we offer in-depth, transparent services. We provide an estimate of costs before work can begin so homeowners and business owners will know what to expect from the final bill.

Call Done-Rite Plumbing For Cost-Effective Repairs That Deliver A Long-Lasting Solution

All plumbing jobs are inherently unique. The constant factor you can look forward to is the honesty, integrity, and workmanship quality from our top technicians when it comes to trenchless pipe repair. Technological breakthroughs in inspections and plumbing repairs greatly increase the accuracy of work and diagnosis, thus total repair costs are kept to a minimum. At Done-Rite, all our technicians are guaranteed licensed, insured, and fully trained to carry out all trenchless procedures. Once we determine the root cause of the problem, we formulate the best and the most convenient solution for you. Additionally, we also factor in our customer’s best interests so that we can save them from any future repairs. Our trenchless repair and replacement services installs new pipes that may last for 40 years or more for greater peace of mind down the line.

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