About Us

Dave Turner, Owner

As the owner of Done-Rite Plumbing, I am incredibly honored to be serving this community and feel so blessed for those of you who are loyal customers who have chosen us as their plumber Orange CA. I became a plumber because I love working with my hands, fixing problems, and being able to aid my friends, family, and neighbors whenever an issue arose. Growing up in this beautiful state of California I know that a lot of people are living paycheck to paycheck and when a plumbing issue arises they are wondering how they can pay for it. There is a certain amount of fear that comes with calling a contractor because they are known to rip people off with crazy high prices for low quality work. I started Done-Rite Plumbing because I wanted to be able to provide to the community high quality service at a price that they can afford. I have a family and I know how hard I have to work to provide for them, that is why we named the company Done-Rite Plumbing because we hold ourselves to the highest of standards not just with our service work but making sure we are operating with integrity in every aspect of our business. If you are ever in need of a plumber Orange CA, please give us a call so that we can set up a time to come out and show you the Done-Rite Plumbing difference.

The Team

At Done-Rite Plumbing we always are looking for new members of our team that are interested in learning how to become the best of all of the plumber Orange CA. We truly believe that we can train for skills but character is something that we cannot train for. That is why we approach hiring with the attitude of always hiring for character and training for skills. We know that the success of our company is built upon the quality of service our team is able to provide, that starts from the very first time you contact us or drive past our trucks on the road. We know that you have tons of plumber Orange CA to choose from but that most people have been burnt in the past by either high prices or faulty work. Not only do we work tirelessly to find those high integrity individuals who value customer service but we also make sure that we are everyday holding them accountable to the standards we have for the company. With this being said we love getting feedback from our customers on how we are doing, we shoot for a 5 star 10 out of 10 experience every single day but as humans we sometimes do miss the mark. Please give us a call so that we can right our wrong and improve our service!


Vision for the Company

When it comes to the goal of Done-Rite Plumbing we don’t want to just stop at serving the great state of California, but we also want to branch out and provide service to communities all over the country. I love being able to call myself a plumber Orange CA, but I also know that the need for honest high quality plumbing does not just stop in this area directly. We truly believe that Done-Rite Plumbing is not doing its job unless people everywhere are able to give us a call whenever they have a plumbing issue. That is why we have plans on branching out into new territories while still providing services as plumber Orange CA. This means that we are rapidly building our team, and even as we grow we are keeping a close eye on making sure that we are able to maintain that friendly customer service that we know you love. As we grow we are improving our systems of efficiency so that we can even provide better service while working on a higher scale. We want Done-Rite to be the company that everyone wants to work for because we take care of our employees better than anyone else which encourages them to take care of our customers. We believe in the law of reciprocation, the quality of service in which we give will directly reflect the quality and quantity of customers that we have the honor to serve. If you are interested in working for Done-Rite Plumbing as one of our plumber Orange CA or getting work done by us we would love for you to give us a call so that we can give you more information about the Done-Rite Plumbing experience.

Experience in the Industry

For the past 15 years I have been honing my craft as a plumber and making sure to stay on top of the advances in the industry. We are fully licensed and trained in residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing. We actively do training amongst our staff in order to ensure that we are the most qualified plumber Orange CA that you could ever hire for any job. Along with making sure that we are always on time, professional, respectful, kind, and courteous to all of our customers we want to be able to offer the most convenient services to provide. We are the plumber Orange CA that offers services on drainage and water systems while also being able to use hydro jetting and fixture installs. We just came to realize that although most of our customers are just needing simple residential repairs, there are a lot of people who have issues more complicated then that. The last thing we want our customers to have to do is hire a different company because we are not capable of providing the level of service that they are needing. We believe that being able to provide such a wide variety of care is part of our duty to serve our customers. Essentially at Done-Rite Plumbing we are the plumber Orange CA that will provide to you the best service possible while also building a lasting relationship where you have a plumber you can trust and feel confident in recommending us to others!