Why Us

On Time Guarantee

We believe that the quality of our customer service starts from the very first call you make or moment that you see one of our trucks driving down the road. That is why we try to operate in excellence in everything that we do as a plumber Orange CA. What this means is that when we answer the phone we are going to be kind, friendly, high energy, and helpful. When we are on the road we will be safe, patient, and aware. When we tell you the time that we are going to be to your home we are diligent about making sure we arrive right on time, ready to be on the job. We know that a lot of plumber Orange CA never value the customers time and will consistently show up late. Some of them even tell you that they will absolutely be there at the time specified and then they don’t show up, that is why we don’t want you to just take our word but know that we’ll give you $25 off of your service call if we do not make it on time.

Only Manufacturer Parts Used

When it comes to the quality of customer service that we are able to provide we know that we have to use high quality parts that can be trusted by us and our customers. You are not a plumber Orange CA so you do not know what parts are good and what are bad! That is our job, now yours! We use manufacturer made and tested parts that often have a warranty on them as well so that you can count on them lasting. A lot of companies use cheap off brand parts and we see this happening all the time when we have to come out to fix someone else’s work. It isn’t worth saving a few bucks and then having to pay a high price when the issue occurs again! We are the plumber Orange CA that will always make sure that the parts that we use are off the highest standard, tried and tested to be the best fix to your problem.

Background & Drug Testing on All Employees

At Done-Rite Plumbing we hire for character over skill everyday of the week because we are willing to invest the time into a hard working high integrity individual to get them up to pair on the tradeskill. However, we never want to have to babysit a plumber Orange CA because they are a low integrity individual who happens to be a great plumber, that doesn’t serve us or you. In order to ensure that the guys we are hiring are of the best character of people we do background checks and drug testing. This immediately lets us know if they will be a good plumber Orange CA for us while also giving you a peace of mind.

Expert Technicians

Once we have found a high character plumber Orange CA we invest the time and money into making sure that their skill set us up to pair with the services and quality in which we provide. We actively spend time training our team on not just the services they are performing but on their customer service abilities as well. We strive to be known as a company that has the best of the best plumber Orange CA that are always providing our customers the best service possible. Fundamentally our guys are going to have to be able to provide to the customers high quality care in an efficient manner and be able to explain to the customer what the issue is and what the options are. We can be the friendliest contractors around but if we are unable to take care of your problem then our kindest doesn’t serve your issue! We work to be rounded and experts in every aspect of the process.

Industry Leading Equipment

Part of the Done-Rite Plumbing standard is being able to provide our services with top of the line equipment that gives the customer the best quality repair possible. Most of the plumber Orange CA that we see are still using outdated equipment that does not service the customer in the most efficient way. We desire to give you quick service at an affordable price that is far better than any other company in the area. When a plumber Orange CA is stuck in their ways with their old equipment they are often times having to spend way more time at the job and have to cost you more money because of the time that it takes. Our goal is to take care of your issue as quickly as possible so that you can get back to your life as quickly as possible!

Constant Communication

The communication that we are able to provide to our customers is vital to the overall success of completing the job. From the moment you call with your issue we want to be able to get you scheduled as soon as possible so that a plumber Orange CA can immediately come out and provide to you the service you need. Giving you clear direction on when we will be there, what we will be doing, explaining what the issue is, what the solutions are, and how much it’ll cost. A lot of the plumber Orange CA are poor communicators leaving you unsure on when they will be there or what is even going on! Customer service is extremely lacking to the point that poor customer service is almost expected. At Done-Rite Plumbing we work everyday to make sure that we are not just a statistic and that we are actively working to improve our communication skills with the customer not just over the phone but during and after your project as well. We never want you to feel like you are being kept in the dark, being able to provide to our customers clear and concise communication is huge in our process in serving the customers who choose us as their go to plumber. We would love for you to give us a call so that with clear communication we are able to get your problem taken care of rapidly!