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Home Water Filtration in Orange County

A whole home water filtration system is a must-have for homes who want a cost-effective solution to acquiring clean tap water. At Done Rite Plumbing, our expertise extends to installing filtration systems designed to work with your current plumbing system. Our highly-skilled team can perform water softening system installations, repairs, and follow-up maintenance services. Our company can help ensure that your whole home filtration system is working as it should, and that the water coming out of your faucets are free of contaminants, bacteria and other harmful elements.

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Effective Filtering Via Water Softeners

The process of water softening can be found on most filtering systems making use of ion exchange technology. The harder the water that comes from your tap, the more you’ll need to consider investing in an ion exchange filtering system. This type of water softening technology is popular because negative ions are eliminated, leaving the good ones behind.

In effect, a good ion filtration water system conditions your water supply, which means that impurities are removed via the use of ion exchange resins. The resins are in the form of beads that are typically made of SPS, or sodium polystyrene sulfonate, an acidic compound. The material is porous enough to allow water to pass through, replacing negative ions and other water impurities before the water reaches the drinking glass.

We offer our customers in Orange, California peace of mind of having clean water at all times with the use of a water softener. Water softening is an integral part of the water filtering process. The well water systems eliminate minerals such as magnesium and calcium from your tap, which results in safe, drinkable water. You and your family members get access to safe drinking water at all times and gain added protection against sickness and disease. “Softened” water for washing won’t stain your laundry, dishes, or glassware and keeps hair and skin from drying out. Moreover, you can save by investing in an ion filtration system instead of buying bottled water to drink.

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Whole House Filtration System Installations

Whole home water filtration installations are all-in-one systems that provide clean water for your home. This type of water filtration solution is carried out when you want the best quality water to come out of your tap not just in the kitchen or the bathroom, but the entire house. Installing a whole home filtration system is complex and best left to the professionals. With proper installation, water that comes out the tap can safely be used for cooking, drinking, laundry, and others.

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At Done Rite Plumbing, we do comprehensive testing, installation, maintenance and replacing of all kinds of water filtrations systems in residential and commercial properties around Orange, California. Our services are unique because our technicians are fully trained and are taught how to perform tasks with attention to detail. All kinds of plumbing services will be completed in just one visit.

If you want quick, reliable services, then call a plumber who can get it Done Rite! Call us if you need to get your existing home filtration serviced or a new water softener system installed. We are open 24⁄7 any day of the year to provide excellent plumbing services and help determine which type of water filtration system is best for your home.