Water Heater Install & Repairs in Orange Ca

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Water Heater Installation in Orange County CA

At Done Rite Plumbing, we offer a wide range of water heater solutions in Orange, California. Our team is composed of expert plumbers with years of professional water heater experience. We have handled gas, propane, electric, power vent, natural gas, and insta-hot water heaters throughout our 15 years of working in the industry. We install piping to and from water heaters and provide maintenance services as well. We cover traditional tank and tankless water heater repairs and installation services, whether for home upgrades or getting a new heater to replace the old one.

How Do We Install Water Heaters?

Installing a brand new water heater system is a job best left to the professionals. We will have the heater hooked up to the electrical system, your home’s water line and the gas line if needed. These steps should be done by a plumbing expert in order to prevent home and personal accidents and emergencies.

Here at Done Rite Plumbing, our technicians can install your water heater safely and with great efficiency. We can also recommend certain brands and water heater solutions that will fit in with your water heating needs while staying within budget. We highly recommend tankless water heating solutions whenever possible.

Tankless units make use of heat exchangers in place of storage tanks to convert cold water to hot as soon as you turn on the tap, thereby eliminating common issues linked to tanks used in old systems. This new type of water heater can be activated just as soon as you twist the knob or turn the faucet. When you’re done, you can simply switch it off and save energy and money.

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Water Heater Maintenance Services In Orange County, California

Installation is just one part of keeping your water heater in top shape. If you want a water heater system that can stand the test of time, you’ll need to be proactive and schedule annual maintenance services.

Traditional water heaters use a large tank as storage for keeping gallons of water hot in an “on-demand” setting. Normally, these types of water heating systems last up to 10 years before needing a tank replacement. Over time, these compounds settle in at the bottom of your tank and cause problems. You may noticing rust flakes and other mineral sediments in your water. Our technicians can perform traditional tank water heating system maintenance services, i.e., doing a “flush”, or draining the tank in order to eliminate mineral buildup and preventing clogs.

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At Done Rite Plumbing, we offer 100% commitment to all our customers. We have all the tools on hand so we can complete the job in the first go. Our water heater technicians will ensure your water heater system is operating at full efficiency to your total satisfaction. We can accommodate emergency services anytime. Call us for any kind of water heater service 24⁄7, 365 days a year and a knowledgeable technician will answer your call no matter the time of day. You can expect our team to arrive promptly and do the job in record time.