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Your roof storm water drain system is an important factor in the health of your roof, foundation, and landscaping. Because of this, it is essential to keep your drain systems strong and flowing smoothly. Good drain lining and vent stacks are two important factors in the health of your pipelines.

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What is roof drain lining?

Roof drain lining is an efficient and effective way to repair leaks and weaknesses in existing roof drain pipes. Instead of requiring the entire system to be replaced, roof drain lining uses the existing pipes to create a stable and well-functioning product. To accomplish this, we take a specialized epoxy and use a technologically advanced machine to blow it all the way through the pipes. The epoxy clings evenly to the pipes’ interior walls, and hardens in place within a few hours. Once the epoxy has set, a new pipe has essentially been created within the old one, removing the causes of previous line concerns.

How long does the drain lining last?

Some factors, such as excessive heat or moisture, can impact the life of the lining. That said, even epoxy lining with reduced shelf life will likely not be an issue for decades. Most roof lining repairs can be expected to last for around 50 years, meaning that when this service is performed once you can rest easily knowing that your pipes are healthy. Routine inspections do help to increase the lifespan of the lining, however, so we encourage our clients to have these conducted from time to time.

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Vent Stacks

What is a vent stack?

A vent stack is a long pipe which leads to the main roof vent. The pipe generally sticks about two feet above the rooftop to allow them to still be effective in snow. Vent stacks do not carry waste, but instead act as a sort of pressure release for air in the pipes. Each building that has its plumbing system connected to a sewer requires at least once vent stack, which pushes air out of the pipelines and through the rooftop fixture.

How do vent stacks protect my pipelines?

Pipelines, being well-sealed against air leaks, are susceptible to pressure buildup if too much air gets in them. Vent stacks ensure that matter is able to continually run smoothly through the pipes by providing an exit route for any extraneous air that might exist in the pipe. If there is an issue with your vent stack, however, you may notice a decrease in pipeline efficiency or possibly odors in your building. A common test for vent stack errors is putting some peppermint oil into the pipeline. As peppermint has a very pungent and distinct smell, if there is a leak in your stack it will be able to be identified by where the peppermint scent shows up.

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