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When your Orange County, California drain becomes blocked or slow-flowing, you need immediate help before the problem worsens. Done-Rite is ready and waiting with powerful, effective drain cleaning systems to clear any blockage and clean out years of buildup. We can quickly and affordably restore any drain to full capacity.

Benefits of Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning is an essential part of home maintenance that’s designed to help you maintain adequate waste flow and prevent costly sewer repair. Much like gutters or carpeting, dirt and debris accumulate in drains over time, which narrows the diameter and restricts the flow of water. Left untreated, the layers of waste eventually reduce the pipe until even normal amounts of paper products or food particles will jam, making sewer backups an everyday occurrence. Drain cleaning removes the blockages and buildup to ensure that there’s always enough space for your household or business waste to travel normally.

Drain Repair

When you’re already struggling with a clogged drain, standing water, or painfully slow-draining plumbing fixtures, Done-Rite can quickly restore your system to full capacity. Our advanced technology breaks apart compacted waste and paper products, foreign objects, or snarls of tree roots to reopen the pipe. The particles are then washed cleanly and harmlessly out of the system for a mess-free experience. You don’t have to deal with smelly, dirty cleanup with Done-Rite’s modern drain cleaning system.

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Preventative Drain Cleaning in Orange County

If you’d rather clear away the buildup and roots before a blockage occurs, Done-Rite also offers preventive drain cleaning service. This annual, semi-annual, or quarterly service scrubs out the inside of the pipe to ensure adequate waste flow and prevent obstructions. It also removes corrosive mineral and chemical deposits that damage the pipe, leading to costly sewer repairs. Routine drain cleaning is particularly beneficial in retail and commercial settings, where a sewer backup can cause sanitation issues for employees and customers.

Hydro Jetting Services

Done-Rite specializes in hydro jetting drain cleaning technology, an innovative method that uses pressurized water to break apart clogs and clean away buildup. The force of the water is carefully calibrated to strong enough to clear away thick layers of waste and mineral deposits without causing damage to the surrounding pipe walls. Our skilled technician inserts a specialized nozzle at the end of long water hose and works it through the pipe, gradually cleaning the pipe. The nozzle is surrounded by jets that reach every corner of the pipe, even hard-to-clean 90-degree elbows and complicated connections in multi-family housing communities, medical facilities, and restaurants or retail outlets. The pulverized debris mixes with the hydro jetting system’s water, which carries it easily out of the system. We then finish the process with a camera inspection to make sure we’ve fully cleaned the pipe for the best results.

For superior drain cleaning service in Orange County, CA you can trust Done-Rite Plumbing. We have the leading technology used by expert technicians, and we pride ourselves on fantastic customer service every time. We can remove clogs, restore flow, and prevent problems quickly and affordably, so your daily activities can continue as usual. Call today to discuss the ways we can help you!

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