Directional Boring

Directional boring is a method of pipe installation used when digging large trenches into the site is either impossible or inconvenient. Gas lines, sewer lines, and water lines can all be installed efficiently this way, making this a great alternative to more disruptive pipe installation techniques. Moreover, the process is comparatively very quick and can be accomplished in just a few steps.

How Directional Boring Works in Orange, CA

  • Step One: Assess the Area To begin, the crew performs a thorough assessment of the area in which piping is needed. They check the ground for any obstructions, such as large rocks, and ensure that any below-ground utility lines are safely out of the way of their proposed tunnel. Once this is accomplished, they lay out a specific plan for where the pipe will be installed and create an above-ground opening as an access point.
  • Step Two: Create a Hole for the Pipeline Next, a drill is driven into the ground to create a tunnel where the pipe will later be installed. The drill is controlled from above ground, and monitored by a highly trained professional to prevent any errors. This method can be used to install a wide range of pipe sizes, and holes can be drilled measuring anywhere from 8 to 80 inches around.
  • Step Three: Insert Drilling Fluid After that, drilling fluid is pumped into the hole. This fluid has multiple purposes. For one, it gathers any debris created in the drilling process allowing it to be easily removed. It also acts as a lubricant, making the sides of the tunnel slick and ready to receive the pipeline.
  • Step Four: Reclaim the Mud Once the drilling fluid has been pumped through the length of the tunnel, a mud reclaimer is used to remove the fluid from the cavity and to suck out any mud or debris. This step is essential, because any stray matter left in the tunnel could result in obstructions in the pipeline later.
  • Step Five: Insert the Pipe A back reamer is then used to increase the size of the hole to the desired length for the pipeline. Once the tunnel is the appropriate size, the pipe is fed into the hole and carefully secured in place.
  • Step Six: Connect the Line Finally, the line is connected to the desired water main, sewer, or gas pipes. With the pipe in place and functional, the utilities can be turned on with confidence.

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What Projects Benefit from Directional Boring?

Any project that is in proximity to a motorway, business, or home has the potential to cause disruption. Digging a trench exacerbates this potential, making trenchless pipe installation techniques such as directional boring an ideal solution. The highly reduced impact on the surrounding environment means that day to day activities can go on as planned, and major inconveniences like traffic jams or company closures can be avoided. Additionally, this method is usually much faster than traditional trench-digging meaning workers will be on-site for far less time.

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