Waiting for a plumbing emergency before having your pipes inspected is like refusing to change the oil in your car until you’re stuck on the side of the road. Having your pipes professionally inspected should be a part of your annual plumbing maintenance. Scheduling a camera inspection is the best way to determine what is happening inside your plumbing system if you suspect something isn’t working properly.

Regular pipe inspections are a benefit to your home even if you don’t think there are any issues with your sewer line. A thorough inspection will reveal common plumbing problems, like why your drains release slowly, why the water pressure is low, and what makes the garbage disposal constantly smell like sewage. A high-resolution camera is used during the inspection process and can help detect and prevent future plumbing issues.

Consider these three reasons to have your pipes inspected before summer:

  1. You purchased a home. April is, on average, the busiest month for real estate transactions in the U.S. If you’ve just purchased a home, it’s time to have the pipes professionally inspected. There’s no way to know how well the plumbing was cared for before you moved it, but a sewer camera inspection will reveal any issues you should have addressed.
  2. Prevent a sudden spike in your water bill. Small cracks or holes in pipes can quickly turn into major leaks if not addressed immediately. A pipe inspection before summer will let you know if there are any minor issues to repair before you head out for summer vacation. You don’t want to return to a yard of pooling water and an astronomical water bill.
  3. Prolong the use of your plumbing system. Even the best plumbing systems won’t last forever, but with proper maintenance and routine pipe inspections you can max out the life expectancy of your pipes. Most systems are designed to last for 50 to 80 years, and a yearly camera inspection will make you aware of small problems before they turn into major catastrophes.

Be proactive with your plumbing and relax during your summer vacation knowing you’ve detected and remedied any problems. Routine plumbing maintenance will help you avoid a call to your local emergency plumber. Schedule your appointment today with the Done-Rite Plumbing & Rooter team to complete a pipe inspection with our state-of-the-art equipment.